UNICAL Shocks Students with 100% Tuition Hike

The University of Calabar (UNICAL) has sent shockwaves through its student body by announcing a staggering 100% increase in tuition fees for undergraduates.

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This announcement, confirmed by university spokesperson Effiong Eyo, comes as a harsh blow to students already struggling with the rising cost of living. The new fees, effective immediately, will see freshers paying a whopping N111,000 compared to the previous N64,050. Returning students will be hit with a N91,500 fee, up from N52,050, while final-year students must cough up N114,000, a significant jump from N49,500.

The pain doesn’t stop there. On top of the doubled tuition fees, students must also pay N36,500, N21,500, and N21,500 for “third-party dues,” depending on their year of study.

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Science students are not spared either. Their new fees are even higher, reaching N155,000 for freshers, N125,000 for returning students, and N148,000 for final-year students. They also face the same third-party dues.

UNICAL justifies this drastic move by citing “current economic realities” and the need to “maintain the academic standard the university is known for.” However, many students are questioning these justifications, especially in light of the already strained financial situation of many families.

The announcement has sparked outrage and confusion among students, who now face the daunting task of either finding additional funds or potentially sacrificing their education. Social media is abuzz with criticism, with many expressing fear and anger at this unexpected burden.The UNICAL administration faces a mounting wave of discontent. Students are demanding transparency and a clear explanation for the exorbitant hike. They are also calling for alternative solutions that don’t place the entire financial burden on their shoulders.

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