UNICAL Professor Sue VC, School Management Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Cyril Ndifon, A law professor at UNICAL has taken legal action against the university’s management, including the Vice-Chancellor, regarding sexual assault allegations.

Prof. Ndifon, The Suspended Law Professor.

Professor Ndifon, who was suspended amid these allegations, is seeking to clear his name and has accused the VC of orchestrating his removal from the dean position and the institution. The lawsuit also includes the university’s registrar and members of the investigative panel.

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The case, identified as NICN/CA/42/2023, expresses Professor Ndifon’s discontent with how his reputation was tarnished by the sexual harassment accusations. The National Industrial Court of Nigeria’s Calabar Division has issued a summons to the defendants, who must respond within eight days.

UNICAL’s spokesperson, Effiong Eyo, confirmed the legal action, clarifying that the faculty made allegations, and a panel was established by the university’s management to allow Professor Ndifon to present his side of the story or clear his name, emphasizing that no one has declared him guilty yet.

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