FAAN Ban “Ghana Must Go Bags” In All Nigerian Airports

The infamous “Ghana Must Go” bags, long a staple for travelers across Africa, have officially been banned by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and airlines operating in the country.

Ghana Must Go Bags

This move comes after years of frustration with the bags’ tendency to damage airport conveyor belts. In a circular titled “Re: Prohibition of Usage Of Ghana Must Go,” FAAN cited the “huge costs” airlines were incurring due to the bags’ damage. This, they explained, was primarily caused by the woven material’s tendency to snag and tear on the conveyor belts.

To combat this issue, all airlines have been instructed to inform passengers of the ban and encourage them to switch to safer alternatives like cartons or hard-cover rectangular containers. Any luggage still arriving in the outlawed bags must be securely wrapped before being accepted at the airport.

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The ban, which took effect on November 25, 2023, has also received backing from Ethiopian Airlines, a major carrier in the region. In a statement to passengers, Wondwossen Beyene, the General Manager of Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria, emphasized the “frequent occurrence of damages” caused by the bags and the “significant costs” incurred by airlines as a result.

While some may lament the demise of the iconic “Ghana Must Go” bags, the move is ultimately aimed at ensuring smoother airport operations and minimizing disruptions for travelers. So, the next time you pack your bags for a trip, remember: leave the trusty woven sacks at home and opt for something more conveyor-belt-friendly.

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