Nigerians Donate Over N2m To Lady For Waking Up Early To Cook For Husband

A Nigerian woman, @_Debbie_OA, faced both criticism and heartwarming support after sharing her story of waking up early to cook for her husband. The tweet sparked discussions about gender roles, marital dedication, and the complexities of online discourse.


Many online voices questioned @_Debbie_OA’s choice to rise before dawn for daily meal preparation. Concerns were raised about her potentially enabling behavior and whether her husband lacked self-sufficiency. Some expressed the fear of losing partners to colleagues based on small gestures like shared meals.

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Despite the criticism, @_Debbie_OA’s story also resonated with a group of online users who admired her commitment and dedication. This led to a remarkable outpouring of support, with netizens raising over N2 million for her, and nearly N1 million for her husband.

Additionally, an opportunity for remote work emerged, potentially offering @_Debbie_OA greater career options.

Chidalu Glory

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