Niger State Declares Five-day Holiday to Monitor Ramadan Feeding

In a move reflecting both compassion and organizational responsibility, the Niger State Government has announced a five day holidays to ensure the proper distribution of Ramadan foodstuffs.

Governor of Niger State

This five-day public holiday, aims to meticulously oversee the allocation of resources throughout the state’s 25 local government areas. This proactive step shows the commitment of the state to cater to its citizens’ needs during this sacred time.

With an allocated budget of N976 million, the government’s endeavor demonstrates a substantial financial investment towards addressing food insecurity during Ramadan. Such proactive measures not only alleviate immediate concerns but also foster a sense of communal solidarity, as citizens come together to support one another during this holy month.

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Binta Mamman, the state Commissioner for Information, emphasized the significance of this initiative, urging civil servants and political officeholders to actively participate in the distribution process. By designating Monday to Friday as public holidays, the government ensures that officials have the necessary time and resources to oversee the efficient distribution of aid. This approach not only streamlines logistical operations but also promotes transparency and accountability in resource allocation.

Mamman also appealed to the citizens to cooperate with officials and maintain orderliness at distribution points. He also reminded them to use this opportunity for prayers. Abubakar Salisu, the state Head of Service, further reinforced the government’s commitment by announcing official work hour adjustments during the fasting period.

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