‘Money Shouldn’t Stop You From Getting Married,’ Solomon Buchi Advises Men

Self-acclaimed life coach and public speaker, Solomon Buchi has advised men to get married regardless their financial status.

In a Twitter post, Buchi said that money is not all that is needed in marriage but a partner that understands the reality that you can lose everything.

Buchi wrote, “My kid sis got married at 23 to my friend, 25. He was working with Exxonmobil; doing absolutely well for himself. Six months into marriage, he was laid off because of COVID. I know a lot of men want to have strong financial base to get married, but that’s not what you need.

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“What you need is a partner that understands the reality that you can lose everything, and they need to be there for you. Marriage thrives on understanding and contentment — come what may, both of you will hold it together. That’s the real control and security you can have.”

He continued, “Men, money shouldn’t stop you from getting married. It shouldn’t. I understand the societal pressure, but there’s no guarantee that all the riches you want to build can’t fly away. Life happens, and you need a woman who will embrace you when life happens.

“I bet that if my in-law foresaw that he’d have lost his job 6 months into marriage, he most likely wouldn’t have gotten married, till last year that he was called back. Don’t let the aspiration to have money stacked up somewhere stop you from getting married.”

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