NYSC To Stop Deploying Corps Members to High-Risk Areas

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is prioritizing the safety of its members by halting deployments to states deemed unsafe due to escalating security concerns. Minister of Youth, Jamila Ibrahim, announced this on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics following incidents of abductions during the mandatory service.


Acknowledging past anxieties, Ibrahim stated, “We’ve proactively stopped posting corps members to highly unsafe states. This practice has been ongoing, ensuring their safety is paramount.” This decisive action reflects the agency’s commitment to protecting its members amidst challenging security situations.

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Underscoring the importance of collective efforts, Ibrahim emphasized, “Security requires teamwork. NYSC collaborates with various security agencies to guarantee corps members’ protection.” Additionally, they’re exploring “group transportation strategies” to further minimize risks during travel.

Recognizing the need for modernization, Ibrahim revealed, “The federal government is reforming the NYSC scheme to meet current realities, including revising allowances.” This holistic approach aims to enhance the program’s value beyond mere social engagement.

Ibrahim outlined the ambitious plan to “transform the NYSC into a revenue-generating agency and prepare corps members for the job market.” This forward-thinking initiative seeks to empower members with marketable skills and financial sustainability post-service.

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