Nasboi Mourns The Loss Of His Brother

Popular comedian and skit maker, Nasboi over the weekend lost his only brother, who passed away at the tender age of 20.

In a post he made via his Instagram page, Nasboi shared the sad news of his brother’s untimely death. Alongside the post was a picture of him in tears mourning the loss of his younger sibling, who had barely lived two decades.

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In a viral video circulating online Nasboi was seen shedding tears as his brother’s lifeless body was laid to rest. Surrounded by friends and family, the coffin gently descended into the ground, marking the end of a young life. The pain and sorrow in Nasboi’s eyes were evident, as he bid farewell to his only brother.

May the soul of the young lad rest in peace.

Chidalu Glory

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