Man Drags Chicken Republic Over Quality Of Food

A Twitter user with the @Yemihazan, recently expressed his frustration on Twitter after receiving a disappointing meal from the popular restaurant brand, Chicken Republic.

Man Drags Chicken Republic Over Quality Of Food

He had ordered a ‘Spicy Yam Max’ that was supposed to include a bowl of Moimoi, a piece of chicken, haw fries, and a bottle of coke. However, upon delivery, he was dismayed to find a scrawny chicken thigh and only a few yam fries, with the coke and moimoi missing entirely. He vented his dissatisfaction on the platform, questioning the restaurant’s service and asking if it was a joke.

His tweet quickly gained traction, amassing over a million impressions and garnering thousands of comments. The post eventually caught the attention of the restaurant’s management.

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In response to the uproar, the regional manager of Chicken Republic reached out to Yemi and apologized for the subpar experience. To make amends, they offered him a better food package as compensation. Yemi updated his followers on Twitter, stating that the branch manager, after several apologies, finally resolved the issue by sending him the correct order.

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