Soludo Commences Construction Of Ekwulobia Flyover

Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s administration in Anambra State has initiated the construction of the Ekwulobia flyover to address the growing vehicular traffic in the semi-urban city located in Aguata Local Government Area.

The area has experienced a surge in commercial activities over the years, leading to increased congestion on its roads.

To make way for the dual carriageway and flyover bridge, Governor Soludo oversaw the demolition of over 500 buildings two months ago. The decision initially faced resistance from the local community, but subsequent discussions with the Governor and his team led to the acceptance of the project by the indigenes.

At present, construction work is progressing rapidly, with A.G. Vision Construction Company handling the project. The site engineer, Nawar Deeb, expressed confidence in completing the job within the 18-month timeline, highlighting the community’s cooperation and involvement in the construction process.

Nze Azubuike Nzechukwu, the President General of Ekwulobia Community, shared that despite the initial concerns and anger surrounding the demolition, the community now embraces the project as a means of development. Governor Soludo personally engaged with the community to explain the intentions behind the project, leading to greater acceptance among the residents.

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In the aftermath of the demolition, compensation has been provided to the majority of affected property owners, with around 10 percent yet to receive their compensation. Overall, the people of Ekwulobia are pleased with the progress and prospects of the flyover project, which promises to alleviate traffic congestion and bolster the area’s infrastructure.

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