Shaffy Bello on Being Called by Name

Nollywood actress Shaffy Bello has opened up about how she handles being called by her first name, “Shaffy,” by young people.

In a recent podcast interview with Stephanie Coker, Bello explained that she understands the reasons behind such behavior, attributing it to differences in upbringing and cultural norms.

Shaffy Bello

However, she emphasizes the importance of respecting boundaries and age hierarchy. Acknowledges the behavior: “Of course I still get it, I get the ‘Hi Shaffy’…”Recognizes its origins: “…and usually for me I know that upbringing matters and I also know that where you’re from also dictates some of the things that you do.”

“For example, the Igbos don’t do that, they use ‘aunty’ and it’s so interesting to me because even in the States, they will never call their aunties by name, they go ‘aunty, cousin.’ They do the ‘ma’am.'”

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“Usually my response is simple and I say it with love, I pull them close and I tell them ‘you haven’t earned the right to call me by my name, I have a child as old as you are. Even if I didn’t have children you haven’t earned the right , and you would never earn the right at your age to call me my name.’

“Essentially, Shaffy Bello uses a gentle yet firm approach to educate young people about respecting age and social norms. She emphasizes understanding their perspective while clearly stating her boundaries and expectations. This approach allows for both respect and open communication between generations.

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