Nurse Dies After Trying To Perform Liposuction On Herself

A Mexican nurse identified as Carina, has died after attempting to perform a liposuction procedure on herself at a south-central facility in Mexico called Clinica Amper.

Carina was found unconscious in a doctor’s office after allegedly attempting liposuction on her stomach, a process that removes excess fat from the midsection

According to New York Post, Carina never had permission to undergo surgery and did so when her employer was not present. 

Dr. Rolando Samper Mendoza, who owns the clinic, said the woman performed the operation “without my authorization or permission.”

A co-worker alerted paramedics, who tried to revive Carina, however, she died when they got to the clinic, Clinica Amper, which is located in south-central Mexico.

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Carina reportedly carried out the liposuction attempt when owner of the clinic, Dr. Rolando Samper Mendoza, was not present and “without my authorization or permission,” he told Jam Press.

“One of my nurses named Carina decided on her own to perform abdominal liposuction with local anesthetic,” Mendoza added, expressing remorse over the incident. 

“The result of this incomprehensible action was that she died as a result of the massive absorption of anesthetic that she administered herself.”

Mexico has long been a country where people flock to undergo various cosmetic surgeries due to lower costs associated with procedures. According to Patients Beyond Borders, over 1 million United States citizens travel to Mexico each year to find inexpensive weight-loss solutions such as liposuction, buttock augmentation and abdominoplasties.

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