Mr. Jollof Vows To Expose Club Owners For Selling Fake Drinks After He Was Hospitalized

Popular comedian and activist, Mr Jollof, has been hospitalized after consuming a fake liquor in a club house. Frustrated by this incident, Mr Jollof has taken to social media to express his outrage and has vowed to expose club and lounge owners who are selling counterfeit drinks. In a statement from his hospital bed, he shares his determination to report these establishments to the appropriate authorities and ensure they face consequences for their actions. The incident has not only affected his health but has also resulted in significant medical expenses.

Expressing his disbelief, Mr Jollof questions why certain establishment owners would intentionally deceive their customers by selling counterfeit drinks. The consequences of consuming such beverages can have severe health implications, as he experienced firsthand.

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Mr Jollof alleges that the fake liquor he consumed aggravated his ulcer and forced him into the hospital. Speaking from his sickbed, he reveals that the doctors have advised him to cease drinking and smoking, emphasizing the toll it has taken on his health. Additionally, he shares the financial burden of his medical expenses, which have already reached a staggering amount of 400,000 naira.

Fueled by his personal ordeal, Mr Jollof has made a decision to take action against establishments selling counterfeit liquors. He pledges to report these clubs and lounges to the appropriate authorities to ensure that they face the consequences for their actions. He has declared his commitment to follow up the case until the implicated club is shut down.

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