Man Reveals Why He Spent $14,000 To Transform Himself Into A Dog

A Japanese man who spent a fortune weeks ago converting himself into a dog due to his extreme commitment to cosplay, has chosen to reveal the secrets behind his unconventional life.

The man/dog who calls himself “Toco,” achieved internet notoriety after spending a whopping $14,000 on a custom-made hyper-realistic collie costume he wears in public to help him realize his dream of “becoming an animal” and posted the results on his YouTube channel.

“The reason I chose a collie dog breed specifically is primarily because I like raising them,” the doggelgänger said to the NY Post.

“Secondly, because if it wasn’t a naturally large size breed, it wouldn’t look unnaturally disproportionate when worn by someone as a costume.”

Toco added that the collie’s long fur helps “camouflage the human form discreetly.”

And after achieving his doggie dream, Toco now has another wish — to become a movie star.

“I think it would be great if I were able to use my skills and get the opportunity to appear as a dog in a movie,” he yelped.

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The Japanese native also revealed that he long dreamed of living as an animal, but could never muster up the courage in the past.

“The reason I chose a collie dog breed specifically is primarily because I like raising them. Approximately two and a half years ago … I actually spoke to several companies about wanting to make a realistic dog costume like this,” Toco explained.

Toco created his own YouTube channel, which boasts 50,000 subscribers.

He says his next step is to find love, the doggy style.

“I think it would be great if something like this existed,” he said, speaking of a romance with a woman who also liked to dress up in a dog costume. “I would like to meet them.”

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