If I Don’t Like You, I Can Bully You.” Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress and Real Housewives of Lagos star Iyabo Ojo has sparked controversy with a recent confession about her potential for bullying behavior. Ojo’s comments surfaced in a viral video clip from the reality show, trending on Friday.

Iyabo Ojo and Laura

The clip features a heated exchange between Ojo and another cast member, Faith Morey. Morey had previously criticized Ojo’s behavior on the show, explicitly labeling her a bully. In response, Ojo acknowledged this potential, stating, “I can be a bully. If Laura thinks I am a bully to her, then so be it. If I don’t like you, I can bully you.”

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This admission has caused significant debate, with various reactions circulating online. Some viewers expressed concern and condemnation of Ojo’s statement, highlighting the negative impacts of bullying behavior. Others defended Ojo, suggesting her confession was merely a playful exaggeration in the context of the show’s dramatic format.

Regardless of the intended meaning, Ojo’s words have ignited discussions about bullying dynamics and their portrayal on reality television. The incident raises questions about the responsibility of reality stars and platforms like RHOL to promote positive social interactions and address harmful behavior.

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