GWR: Kogi Man Concludes Ironing Marathon After Exceeding 142 Hours

Dauda Abdulfatai, who embarked on a 200-hour ironing marathon to break the Guinness World Record, has concluded his attempt after exceeding 142 hours.

Dauda Abdulfatai

Dauda began the marathon last Wednesday in Lokoja, Kogi State, with official approval from the Guinness World Records. He surpassed the current record of 100 hours, set by Gareth Sanders in 2015, by more than 42 hours.

During his impressive attempt, Dauda ironed 2,249 garments. Dauda’s decision to conclude the marathon after 142 hours was primarily due to medical concerns and feedback from his support team. While exceeding the original goal and setting a new personal record, prioritizing his health and well-being remained the top priority.

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Overall, Dauda’s attempt showcases remarkable dedication and endurance. He surpassed the existing record and demonstrated the potential for pushing human limits. While the official Guinness World Record may not be attained this time, his achievement is still noteworthy and inspiring.

Chidalu Glory

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