Don’t Marry Women Who Can’t Place You On Monthly Allowance – Daddy Freeze Advises Men

Popular radio host Ifedayo Olarinde, also known as Daddy Freeze, recently sparked debate with his advice to men on choosing marriage partners. During an Instagram live session, he suggested men avoid dating women who depend on them financially.

Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze stressed the importance of financial independence in relationships, urging men to “start being bold” and ask women about their financial contributions before marriage. He emphasized that any woman unable to contribute financially isn’t worth their time.

His controversial statement also included references to wealthy families like the Adenugas and Dangotes, whose children often marry within their social and financial circles. He questioned why men would choose partners who earn less, comparing it to marrying “beneath” themselves.

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Daddy Freeze further advised men to seek partners who earn significantly more than them, citing a hypothetical scenario where a man earning N10,000 per month should seek a woman earning N30,000. He also included physical attributes and bedroom skills as desirable qualities in a partner, mirroring societal standards that often judge men based on similar criteria.

Daddy Freeze’s advice has garnered attention and sparked debate online.

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