Woman Catches Her Maid With Urine, Menstruation Blood Which She Allegedly Wanted To Put In Her Children’s Water Bottle

A woman confronted her maid on camera after allegedly catching her with a bucket containing her urine and menstrual blood. 

In the video, the madam is heard narrating how she brought the girl into her house in December, shopped new underwear for her, and bought her sanitary towels. 

She added that after the girl’s period, she helps the girl burn her sanitary pads and she is the one who does most of the chores in the house so as not to overwork the girl. 

She said the girl was dirty while living with her and regularly failed to bathe and brush her teeth. 

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She added that she had to remove the girl from her children’s room because the room was always smelling of menstruation blood and she stains the kids’ bed and duvet with blood. 

The madam said that in spite of everything she did for the girl, she rewarded her by trying to poison her kids. 

She said she woke up by 1a.m. on Tuesday, March 14, and found the girl mixing her urine and period blood in a bucket and when she questioned her, the girl confessed that she planned to put it in the children’s water bottle. 

Source: Lindaikejisblog

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