Tiwa Savage Opens Up on Struggles With Eye Problem

Afrobeats superstar Tiwa Savage is embracing a new look with glasses after experiencing declining eyesight in recent years. Opening up on social media she shared her struggles with blurry vision and difficulty reading on her Instagram stories.

Tiwa Savage

She also revealed consulting an optician in London who diagnosed short-sightedness.she also celebrates finding a solution with a stylish “cartel pair” of glasses. She vision challenges includes struggling to read menus and relying on zooming features for months. Optician confirmed good long-distance but problematic short-distance vision.Tiwa has already acquired recommended glasses to address the short-sightedness.

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She added a playful touch by asking fans if she still looks “sexy” with glasses. Tiwa is embracing the situation with a positive attitude and a focus on finding a stylish solution.

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