Mauritania’s President Ghazouani, Emerges as Chairman of the African Union.

Mohamed Ghazouani, President of Mauritania, was elected chairman of the African Union (AU) on Saturday, taking over from Azali Assoumani of Comoros. This comes amid ongoing tensions within the AU, particularly between Morocco and Algeria, concerning the rotating chairmanship. Ghazouani’s election signifies a breakthrough after months of dispute between member states. His leadership faces internal divisions within the AU, hindering its global voice and collective security efforts.

Mohamed Ghazouani

African nations grapple with finding ways to financially sustain the AU, transitioning from dependence on foreign donors. The Morocco-Algeria rivalry highlights long-standing internal divisions within the AU. The International Crisis Group report critiques the lack of political and financial investment in collective security initiatives.

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Transitioning to self-reliance presents a major challenge for the AU’s budget.The UN Security Council resolution provides limited support for AU-led missions. Finding sustainable funding solutions is crucial for the AU’s future impact.

Ghazouani’s chairmanship faces the task of unifying the AU and driving meaningful change. Addressing internal divisions and securing financial stability are crucial for the AU’s effectiveness on the global stage.

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