Tinubu Government After My Life, Journalist, David Hundeyin Tells UN Council

A Nigerian-born journalist, David Hundeyin, has alerted the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) to alleged attempts by the current Nigerian government to abduct him from Ghana, his country of residence.

In a video he posted online, Hundeyin stated that he spoke at the 54th session of the UNHCR in Geneva, about what he described as ongoing attempts to silence him and put an end to his work as a journalist using ‘illegal rendition and diplomatic meddling’.

“As an investigative journalist from Nigeria, my work primarily focuses on advancing transparency and accountability in government.

“I have repeatedly used my journalistic platform to expose and publicise malfeasance and criminal behaviour by powerful people in Nigeria, most recently the new Nigerian president, Bola Tinubu, an individual whose FBI file of over 2,500 pages is set to be released publicly for the first time next month.

“He has a matter of public record, forfeited $460,000 to the United States government being proceeds of heroin trafficking.

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“Due to my journalistic work, his regime has taken extraordinary steps to silence me, including a recent attempted abduction from Ghana where I have political asylum,” he alleged.

According to him, the ‘terrible regime’ is currently trying to prevail on Ghana, which historically is a close ally of Nigeria, to violate the ‘non-refoulement principle’ and have him return to Nigeria where he said he would almost certainly face imprisonment, torture, and extrajudicial execution.

The journalist stated that the situation had made him unsettled as he had been recently compelled to always be on the alert for his personal safety.

“To save my life and the important work that I do, I have been forced into a semi-nomadic lifestyle barely sleeping in one place for a prolonged period of time. In fact, it is from one of these temporary locations that I’m filming this message.

“Under Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and as a journalist, I must be able to do my work without living in fear or living on the run simply because I’m doing my job,” he stated.

He had earlier alleged that President Bola Tinubu was after his life because he revealed that he was involved in underhand dealings in the past, stressing that the Nigerian government was mounting pressure on Ghanaians to repatriate him to Nigeria.

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