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‘Being married to a successful man will definitely come with its own challenges but how you manage everything that comes with it makes you a happy and fulfilled person’, these were the words of Biola Ayeni, In an exclusive ‘tell-all’ interview that rocked the Nigerian media space over the weekend.

In a riveting ‘tell-all’ conversation that reverberated across the Nigerian media landscape, Biola Ayeni, a barrister, fashion entrepreneur, and the esteemed wife of former Skye Bank Chairman, Tunde Ayeni, boldly stepped forward to confront the trials and triumphs that accompany being married to a successful man and by extension spoke to the hearts of a growing number of ‘side chicks’ who have held many mem captive in different ways. Her candid words resounded like a melodious symphony, resonating with readers far and wide.

Rarely does one witness the spouse of a billionaire resolutely defending her family’s honour and integrity, delivering a resounding ‘suckerpunch’ to the ‘side chick’ who had been the source of a barrage of unfavourable press for months on end.

In an exclusive ‘tell-all’ interview that’s been trending on social media for almost one week, Biola Ayeni spoke with respected Nigerian journalist, Lanre Alfred, where she fearlessly laid bare the truth, pulling no punches as she targeted a certain Abuja-based lawyer rumoured to have a child with her husband, Tunde Ayeni.

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For those unacquainted with the tale’s genesis, it all started on January 16, 2023, when Sahara Reporters published an exclusive report claiming a paternity tussle between Tunde Ayeni and the aforementioned lawyer, Adaobi Alagwu. The report delved into their alleged relationship, alleging a dating history since 2019 and connections to prominent personalities within the Abuja social sphere.

In the ensuing six months, the media and gossip blogs voraciously feasted upon the alleged bond between Tunde Ayeni and Adaobi Alagwu, spinning sensational headlines such as ‘How Tunde Ayeni lavished gifts upon her, procured a mansion, established her law firm, and showered her with luxury cars and more.’

However, for Adaobi Alagwu, now exposed by Biola Ayeni as a ‘liar,’ ‘impostor,’ and ‘gold digger,’ this is not her first rendezvous with controversies and unpalatable news. Going back to 2014, during her aspiring modelling days, Adaobi participated in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant, only to be disqualified’.

In April 2023, a Nigerian journalist with News Guru, Ediri Oyibo was admitted to the hospital following his release from police detention after he was arrested for writing a report on the affair between Ayeni and Adaobi Alagwu. It was gathered that Adaobi wrote a petition to the AIG Zone 7. The police, through a letter signed by DCP Kabiru Shehu and dated February 15, 2023, invited Utebor and his supervisor, Oyibo, for an interview with the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Charge of the Zonal Criminal Investigation Department, such was the impunity and disregard for the 4th estate of the realm Adaobi displayed.

Yet, her world now seems to crumble, especially now that she has been evicted from her once-proud ‘Airbridge Chambers’ office space in Wuse, Abuja and a visit to the office building shows its in isolation and deserted. Far from dwelling in a mansion, Adaobi lives in isolation in a rented apartment somewhere around Jabi, a suburb on the city’s outskirts. 

In the recent publication, Biola Ayeni dismissed the 31 year old Alagwu as a desperate young lady who has never had to do any important work in her adult life other than livig off men and the season of Ayeni funding her lifestyle over, ‘I am not surprised by this woman’s pretense; she is a desperate gold digger and a woman of loose morals, attempting to ascend to the status of Mrs. Ayeni by merely attributing her child to my husband. But let it be known, a child does not serve as a marriage certificate, nor does it secure her position in the fake lifestyle she’s embraced. To further assert that the child does not belong to my husband only adds to the embarrassment of her claims. Our legal team has firmly warned her to stop parading as Mrs. Ayeni, as she never was, and never will be, as long as the Lord reigns. My husband and I are bound by the sacred bonds of matrimony. As for her referring to her child with my husband’s surname, Ayeni is a common name. The child is not Tunde Ayeni’s child. Period! Eventually, when she tires of borrowing his name, she’ll revert to her father’s’ she said.

The fallout of the interview has reportedly left Adaobi in a state of distress, her former confidence now replaced by tears and shadows.

Mrs Ayeni’s interview that’s now been described as the biggest society story in recent times only goes to reaffirm a statement issued by her husband back in March 2023 where he described the media reports linking Adaobi to him as ‘sensationalism’, and a mistake. In his words, “I wish to state that, indeed, Ms. Adaobi Alagwu and I had a relationship, which has since ended and, as well-meaning Nigerians can imagine, it was a mistake that has caused my family much pain which I regret and do not wish to continue reliving as a section of the media continues to make me do. Ordinarily, the recent series of media reports linking my name with a lady, Adaobi Alagwu, should not deserve a response from me since the section of the media that is feasting on the issue seems to be uninterested in fact finding, but mere sensationalism. But given the possibility of even some discerning readers placing some values by the story, this short clarification and disclaimer becomes necessary”.

The Many Lies:

  • Contrary to reports, Tunde Ayeni didn’t buy Adaobi a house, as she stays in a rented apartment in Jabi, a town in the outskirts of Abuja.
  • The G-Wagon she once drove was not a gift from Tunde Ayeni
  • Her relationship with Ayeni as publicly declared has since crashed and hit the rocks
  • Adaobi has really never had to work or hustle for any job or client, as suggested by Mrs Ayeni’s interview, she’s only lived off men

And now, gists around Abuja social circle says for months, Tunde Ayeni himself has been telling anyone who cares to listen that his erstwhile relationship with Adaobi was a ‘mistake’ with a ‘shamless side chick’ who was out to destroy him and wonders why anyone will choose to believe otherwise despite several media publications renouncing any involvement with Adaobi. ‘Ayeni has said to everyone that he has nothing to do with her or her child and will never do. He’s even blocked her on all his phones and cut every communication ties with her. And its really hard to understand why someone that tells so many lies will be taken seriously, already everyone knows Ayeni didn’t buy her a G-Wagon as earlier suggested in the media’’ a source revealed.

Word around town says alot is happening around a ‘DNA test’ as hinted by Mrs Ayeni in her interview but details of this still remain sketchy as the parties for now chose to keep the aces up their sleeves. Adaobi still chooses to make Ayeni the face of her relationship because ‘he’s probably her highest paying victim hence why she continues to use his name to validate herself and just wouldn’t let go as most side chicks in Niogeria do’ another source revealed. 

Mrs. Ayeni took a step further, providing sage advice to young Nigerian women, urging them to marry their true friends and acquaint themselves with their husbands’ capabilities to offer unwavering support. Her profound counsel emphasised the importance of building homes on the foundation of Christ, rather than placing blind trust in others. A successful marriage, she asserted, relies on prayerful support.

In the face of adversity, Biola Ayeni’s revelation stands tall as a testament to empowerment and resilience, imparting valuable lessons for women across the nation, beckoning them to embrace their strength and find solace in unity with their life partners. As the echoes of her interview reverberate, the truth remains indomitable, shining a light on the importance of integrity and trust within the sanctity of marriage and questioning the upbringing and morals of young girls like Adaobi who will want to destroy her marriage of over 30-years despite multiple public disavowmnet by her husband, Tunde Ayeni.

Philip Audu; a social commentator and analyst, writes from Abuja

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