Teenager Who Went Missing For Eight Years Was ‘Locked Up, Drugged And Abused By His Mum’

A teenage boy reportedly found after he went missing for eight years was actually locked up in his home by his mother, the boy claims.

Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Farias IV had been found eight years after going missing while walking his dogs.

At the age of 17,  he was reported missing on March 6 2015, but the Texas Center for the Missing confirmed he had been found safe on Sunday, July 2, according to Mail Online reports.

Farias has now spoken to police officers as well as community activist Quanell X, and he alleges that his mother who reported him missing actually kept him locked up at home for the last eight years.

Farias accused his mother Janie Santana of holding him captive, drugging and sexually abusing him.

Neighbours have also said the boy was never missing, adding they saw him regularly.

Farias and Ms Santana both met with Houston Police on Wednesday, July 5.

A spokesman for the force said: ‘Detectives with our missing persons unit interviewed Mr Rudy Farias, 25, and his mother today.

‘While there are reports of some of the content of the interviews being released, our detectives are not in a position at this time to discuss specifics of the interviews or if the content being released is entirely factual.’

Quanell X attended the meeting as a mediator between the family and police, and told journalists afterwards that Mr Farias asked to speak to him privately.

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After being separated from his mother, Mr Farias reportedly said he never went missing, and for the last years his mother has been making him share a bed with her and ‘making him play daddy’.

Mr Farias’ father, Houston police officer Rudolph Farias III, died by suicide in 2014.

When asked for details about the sexual assault claims, Quanell said he did not want to go into details about the ‘kissing.’

When asked again by police, he replied: ‘Let me ask you a question – if your mother is tongue kissing you in the bed with her naked, what the h*** is that? This is sick.’

Mr Farias allegedly said police found him last week because he stole his mother’s car to get away from her.

When asked why he ran away, Farias  allegedly said: ‘I was tired of living like a slave.’

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