Tchidi Chikere Reveals What Saint Obi Told Him Before His Death

Popular Nollywood actor, producer and director Tchidi Chikere has recalled his last phone conversation with legendary actor, Saint Obi before his demise.

Chikere who took to his Instagram page to mourn Obi, wrote:

“Bro I just heard. I ve tried to call ur number since I heard, just so you d pick and tell me this news is another press gimmick and lies..but no way..I dunno..

“I just dunno. I m just gonna talk..vent..maybe it will make me feel better..maybe it ll make me forgive myself for not creating the time when you wanted so much for us to hang out and catch up in January. Yourself, Ike and I. Maybe there is something more you would have told me face to face? I will never know…

“We spoke several times in January. You kept saying we hang out and catch up. I never created the time. I thought we had all the time in the world! Friends could always finish their busy schedule and still meet another day. So I thought. Phew! For that I am terribly sorry! I offered you a movie role in February and you declined. You said you had put on weight and wanted to get back in shape before acting. You told me loads of stuff and how you love your children and how you wish you could see them…

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“You didn’t sound like your old self..I felt you ‘ d lost your zeal for life. So I called a few days later and I offered you three lead roles in three movies which you declined. You refused to act. I was shocked. You said “Tee I ll come to the USA and we will do big things, I want to relaunch myself with something big” Those were your words… 

“And now..today..suddenly..what

“You shared some..no, a lot of your pain. You told me stuff..Things that I am tempted to throw caution to the wind and tell the world. I mean, we’ve been friends since 2004 when you were my witness at my court wedding. But I ll hold my peace and let God.

“Brother, if this is true. ..Sleep well Obinna Nwafor. Saint Obi. Agu White. Your legacy remains. Now you have peace. Someday , maybe I can tell your kids too..how much you love them. 💔💔💔💔💔 (For as many people as are going through a lot silently, may God console them, give them strength to find joy in themselves and heal them)”

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