Portable’s Wife Flies Complaint Against DJ Chicken for Blackmail, Threats

Omobewaji Ewatomi, the wife of popular Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, has filed a petition with the Nigerian police accusing Disc Jockey Ademola Abiodun, also known as DJ Chicken, of making threats to her life and attempting to blackmail her with a purported sex tape.

Portable and his wife Ewatomi and DJ Chicken

In a social media post, Ewatomi revealed that DJ Chicken had attempted to blackmail her with claims of possessing a compromising video. She asserted that she had refused to be intimidated by his demands and had dismissed his allegations as baseless.

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However, DJ Chicken’s harassment persisted, and he reportedly escalated his threats, extending them to Ewatomi’s family members. In response, Ewatomi took the matter to the authorities, filing a formal complaint with the Nigerian police.

Ewatomi shared a copy of her petition on her social media platform, along with a message directed at DJ Chicken, urging him to report to the police station and prove his claims. She expressed her resolve to seek justice and protect herself and her family from further threats and harassment.

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