I’m Not With Portable For Money, Says Fiancée

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Akinyanju Omobolarinde, popularly known as Ashabi and the fiancée of singer Habeeb Okiki, also known as Portable, addressed the misconceptions about their relationship. She emphasized that her involvement with Portable is not driven by financial motives.

Ashabi shared that while Portable has done many things for her, including providing care and support, she values these aspects of their relationship more than material possessions. She asserted her independence, stating that she had already achieved financial success through producing movies before meeting him. She has been self-reliant and responsible for her own obligations for a long time.

Regarding their future plans, Ashabi disclosed that they have introduced their families and are looking forward to getting married. She expressed her acceptance of Portable’s other wives and baby mamas, stating that she does not anticipate any conflicts with them. Ashabi made it clear that she is not seeking to “snatch” Portable from anyone, but rather sees herself as a supportive partner with her own career and child to care for. She also aspires to continue working and gaining fame in the entertainment industry.

In response to criticisms of Portable’s rough persona, Ashabi defended him, explaining that his stage performances are separate from his personal character. She described him as a calm, caring, and attentive partner who is always available to listen to her. These qualities are what she appreciates most about him.

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Ashabi also discussed her achievements as a movie producer. She mentioned her previous films, such as “Ato” and “Iyanje,” which she co-produced with Juwon Ayorinde in 2020. In 2022, she produced “Side Chic” and “My Relative,” with another movie titled “Owo Sina” set to be released soon.

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