Netizens React As Lady Flaunts Her Virginity Certificate

The online community has reacted to the certificate of virginity shared by a young South African who underwent a chastity test.

It is a custom in some African countries like Malawi, South Africa and Congo for young maidens to be subjected to a purity test.

The lady must be 18 years and above before they can be eligible for testing. The purpose of this test is to encourage female chastity.

The certificate she received from Sivuselala Amasiko Trust has generated mixed reactions from netizens.

Reacting, @tboysquare tweeted: If I agree make I bend 😂

@Cheztoi3Foods: Something ive collected every year?

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@harryofido: Call INEC if you need to rig your virg!nity test!

@BossGmoney1: I wished I had known earlier

@iamsmartsheddy: Most Nigerian girls will receive Certificate of Performance instead 😭😂😂

@gerraldfabian: After seeing INEC’s forged election results I no fit believe anything on paper anymore.

@kalu_nnanna17: For this particular babe matter ehn comrade in this life 2 things can happen but 2 happen can never things 😤 shey u Gerrit 👌🏾

@Jeff_Bini: I know say this our virg!n life go pay us one day 💪🏾

@khaleelshot: A meeting was called by the ministry of virg!n affairs, only few of us got certified after thorough checking and tests. I’m proud to be one. The certificate is confidential I should have screenshot.

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