Man United Star, Antony Breaks Silence After Ex-Partner Gabriela Cavallin Accused Him Of ‘Domestic Violence’

Manchester United winger, Antony has spoken for the first time since his former partner accused him of domestic violence and making threats.

Gabriela Cavallin, a DJ and influencer, filed a report with police in Brazil earlier this month, alleging ‘domestic violence, threat, and bodily injury’ against the 23-year-old winger.

She also made further allegations in a television interview on Record TV, saying she struggled to breathe after ‘he held me by both arms, threw me on the bed and fell on top of me.’

Cavallin also alleged Antony didn’t allow her leave their home.

The player has now responded to the accusation on his Instagram account, saying he was ‘falsely accused’ and has been ‘suffering in silence’ as investigations continue.

He wrote: ‘For you, after submitting my statement at the police station where the investigation involving my name is being conducted, I wanted to speak publicly for the first time since I was falsely accused of assault.

‘I stayed silent until this moment so that nothing could interfere with the investigation process, but during all these days my family and I suffered in silence.

‘Despite being born and raised in a very needy community, I have never been through a situation similar to this, in which a false assault charge resulted in a preliminary and unfair public judgement on the part of some.

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‘After the closure of the investigation, my innocence will certainly be proven and justice will prevail. The damage initially caused to my image will be in the past.

‘Thank you for the countless messages of support received at this very difficult time.’

United, who signed Antony from Dutch club Ajax for £87million last year, declined to comment on the allegations but are understood to be investigating the matter.

In the interview with Brazil’s Record TV, Cavallin told journalist Roberto Cabrini that she had first suffered the alleged abuse last year in Brazil.

‘He threw water on me, started kicking me, grabbed me by the hair, butted my head and made a cut,’ Cavallin said.

‘He held me by both arms, threw me on the bed and fell on top of me.
‘At that, my silicone prosthesis dislocated. At the time, it gave me such a shortness of breath that it looked like I was going to die.’

Cavallin had also claimed that Antony had made her a prisoner in their home and not allowed her to leave.

‘He broke my suitcase, took my handbag, my passport. He broke my mobile phone, he wouldn’t let me go,’ Cavallin said.

‘I was a prisoner from 10pm to almost 3.30am. I call it private captivity. I just wanted to get out of there and he told me that I wouldn’t leave until I erased everything.

‘I think his mother called his physiotherapist and asked for help. No one could control it.’

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