London Business School, Sunderland Varsity Seek NUC Approval To Operate In Nigeria

Officials from the London Academy Business School and the University of Sunderland are presently in the process of obtaining approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) to operate degree programs in Nigeria.

Dignitaries with NUC Executive Secretary Chris Maiyaki yesterday at Abuja.

A delegation from the University of Sunderland, led by Dr. Derek Watson, confirmed this following a meeting with the acting Executive Secretary of the NUC, Chris Maiyaki, in Abuja, as per a statement released on Thursday.

In the statement, Dr. Watson, an associate professor from the Faculty of Business Law and Tourism, emphasized the importance of adhering to compliance procedures and the intention to provide credible academics from LABS to deliver their programs in Nigeria, ensuring that students receive a comparable experience to those studying in the UK.

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The President/Director of Studies of the London Academy Business School, Dr. Larry Jones-Esan, clarified that their visit to the NUC aimed to secure recognition for running Sunderland courses in Nigeria, rather than seeking NUC accreditation. He highlighted the significance of NUC recognition, as a degree not recognized by NUC would be of limited value and hinder participation in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Jones-Esan underscored the partnership’s importance in addressing the challenge of limited university admissions in Nigeria, where millions apply annually, but only a fraction secure placements. The collaboration aims to provide educational opportunities to a larger number of students in Nigeria.

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