“I’d Rather Have All The Money And not The Fame.” Blaqbonez

Nigerian rapper Emeka Akumefule, known as Blaqbonez, has dropped a surprising truth bomb about the cost of fame. In a recent podcast interview, he declared it a “crazy punishment,” highlighting the limitations and anxieties that come with public recognition.


While acknowledging the undeniable perks of success, Blaqbonez expressed envy for the “normal people” who enjoy life without the constant spotlight. He uses the example of a wealthy individual driving a flashier car, yet remaining anonymous in traffic. “Nobody’s checking their rings or chains,” he laments, “they just go about their day.”

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This lack of anonymity weighs heavily on Blaqbonez. Simple outings become performances, with every move scrutinized by fans and the media. “I can’t even go out in Nigeria to have actual fun,” he confesses, “I must be Blaqbonez.”

This constant pressure and loss of privacy lead him to a startling conclusion: “I’d rather have all the money and not the fame.” Blaqbonez yearns for the freedom to blend in, to experience life without the fanfare and scrutiny.

The rapper’s candid confession has sparked discussion among fans and the music industry alike. Some sympathize with his struggle, while others debate the inherent trade-offs of achieving stardom.

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