I Need Advice, My Wife-to-be Asked For Permission To Sleep With Another Man

A Nigerian man identified as Kabir has revealed the request made by his fiancée as they get set to walk down the aisle.

The 27-year-old who is seeking the advice of netizens said his fiancée told him that she wants know what it feels like being with someone else before she commits to spending forever with him.

According to Kabir, they have been dating for two years and he’s never cheated on her with any girl.

He wrote; “Please I am confused and baffled…how do I even explain this? My fiancée just this night pleaded from me to give her a pass to have sex with another guy (i.e a pass to cheat on me) before we tie knot legally… her reason she wants to experience how it feels with another guy other than me before she commit forever with me.. we have been together for 2 years and gearing up to our wedding soon.. I have never had the cause to doubt her before..but after requesting tonight I am beginning to get really confused.

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I thought she was kidding at first when she asked but persistently she wants me to approve of her request..in her words: “I just want u to give me a pass to cheat on you” with a random guy..I’m about to embark on a journey.. and since she made me aware of this her weird sexual fantasy.. I’m beginning to get worried that she’s going to cheat on me any moment sooner or later anyways whether I approve of it or not.. I want to or later anyways whether I approve of it or not.. I want to know is this even right in anyways at all?

PS: I’ve always been faithful since we been together.. the truth is I could choose to cheat or experience it someone else like she weirdly requesting but ever since we met I made a vow to myself I will forever stay connected but alas this happened.. what should I do?”

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