I Need Advice, I Got Pregnant While Doing ‘Hookup’, Nigerian Lady Cries Out

A Nigerian lady has sought the advice of netizens after she allegedly took in for a man while doing ‘hookup’.

According to the lady, she became pregnant after her encounter with a guy who denied the pregnancy and also deleted his Whatsapp when she told him the baby was his.

She however said she was 100 percent certain that the man in question is her baby daddy and she does not know if she could go to his house to confront him.

She said she took morning after pills and it did not work as she is now one month gone, and given her current situation, she wants to keep the baby and run away from home.

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In her words; “I got pregnant through hookup and I am one month gone. I chatted the guy I did hookup with that I’m pregnant but he denied it and deleted his WhatsApp. I’m 100% sure the child is for him.

I took some p!lls but I’m not sure the p!lls worked yet. I’m thinking of keeping the pregnancy and running away to avoid people laughing at me. Is it advisable to go to the guy’s house and confront him?”

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