“I Don’t Want A Man That Knows How To Cook,” Hilda Baci

In a viral podcast video, Baci reveals her passion for cooking as a way to express love and her desire for a partner who values her culinary skills.

Hilda Baci

“I don’t want a man that knows how to cook,” she declares. “I like cooking so much. My friends would tell you, ‘Hilda would show you love, she will send you food.'” Baci emphasizes her willingness to whip up a midnight snack, a doughnut or meat pie, for her significant other.

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For Baci, cooking is more than sustenance; it’s an act of love and care. She sees ordering food as a way for her partner to appreciate her devotion and allow her to express her affection through the kitchen. “If you don’t have a problem with ordering me food, I’m in love,” she concludes.

This unconventional opinion has garnered mixed reactions. Some applaud Baci’s confidence in her culinary skills and her desire for a partner who appreciates them. Others question the traditional gender roles implied in her statement and the potential for power dynamics within the relationship.

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