I Didn’t Have A Bar What The Challenge Was Going To Be – Lampard

Frank Lampard, Chelsea caretaker coach, has said that he did not have a bar what the challenge was going to be when he took on the job.

The Chelsea boss maintained that he is not bothered about damaging his reputation as a coach.

Lampard was fired in his first spell in Chelsea as a coach and was also sacked by Everton after they faced a relegation scare.

Frank Lampard

Chelsea have been beaten in their first five matches under Lampard.

Lampard while speaking in the post-match conference said of his reputation, “I don’t know. I’m not concerned about what people outside think because I don’t think they ever understand the conditions of what you’re working with. There’s an understanding of where we’re at as a club. Two of those games against Real Madrid and clearly when I came in, I’m here for a reason, the results weren’t what they want.

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“The challenge, I didn’t have a bar what the challenge was going to be. I understood there would be challenges behind the scenes because of where we are. That’s been clear to me coming in. In a short time frame, it’s really hard at this stage of the season to get that turn, you just have to keep working for it and we haven’t got it yet. I’m not concerned, I took it on knowing the jeopardy of what it might be.

“I’m very proud to manage here and I’ve been in similar situations. I came here in a difficult moment before and we had big success in my first year. I went to Everton, I had a challenge to stay in the league, I stayed in the league. People will always perceive me in a different way anyway. In this short term, I’m not worried, I want to win games, it’s clear. I understand the problems as to why we’re probably not winning games. I got asked before about belief and how you’re going to change that. I can’t just say ‘lads, believe’ and they’re going to run out and believe. These things take time and a bit of work and then maybe something goes in your favor. “Tonight nothing went in our favor. We have to keep working towards the idea that something will. If it’s against Arsenal, Bournemouth or Forest. The bigger picture for Chelsea will be much bigger as the club moves forward in the summer and onwards. In this short period with the players I’m working with, they need to dig deep to find that one.”

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