I Am The Greatest Philosopher – Shallipopi

Nigerian musician Shallipopi has sparked online debate after a social media post comparing himself to the legendary playwright William Shakespeare and declaring himself the “greatest philosopher of our time.”


His proclamation, a mix of playful banter and self-assuredness, reads: “From now on call me not only the president of Pluto, but the wise tortoise . If you pay close attention to everything I have said you would easily know I’m the greatest philosopher of our time, dropping a sentence that has a thousand meanings that only few can decode. Shallipopi dey write, Shakespeare Dey shake.”

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While undeniably bold, Shallipopi’s statement could be interpreted in different ways. Shallipopi, known for his vibrant persona and energetic music, might simply be indulging in the self-assuredness often associated with musicians. He could be suggesting that his lyrics hold layers of meaning hidden beneath the surface, inviting listeners to engage in deeper interpretations. The claim itself might be meant as a humorous exaggeration, poking fun at self-important figures and sparking conversation.

Ultimately, how to interpret Shallipopi’s words is up to the audience. Whether tongue-in-cheek or heartfelt self-belief, his statement opens a space for discussion about artistic expression, the perception of genius, and the boundaries of self-promotion.

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