Governor Bassey Otu Vows To Finish Obudu Airport Within Six Months

Governor Bassey Otu of Cross River State has expressed his determination to complete the Obudu Cargo airport, a project initiated by his predecessor, Prof Ben Ayade, within a six-month timeframe.

Governor Bassey Otu Vows To Finish Obudu Airport Within Six Months

During a visit to the airport on Monday, the governor expressed satisfaction with the progress made thus far and revealed that he had spent the entire weekend assessing ongoing projects initiated by the previous administration. He also met with key stakeholders in the Cross River northern district.

Governor Otu conveyed his impression of the airport, stating, “I am very impressed at the quality and the level of work done here. I think the airport is actually ready to go. As we can see, everything is on the ground. It is just the tarmac, which is at its completion stage”

The contractors responsible for the project, in collaboration with aviation regulatory officials, assured the governor that with the necessary support, the airport could become operational within six months.

Highlighting the significance of the project, Governor Otu emphasized the aim of generating economic prosperity for Cross River State, particularly in the vicinity of the Obudu Ranch Resort, a longstanding tourist attraction. He acknowledged that the airport would greatly enhance mobility and traffic to the ranch, facilitating its revival and prosperity.

Regarding the Bebi airstrip, the governor revealed plans to establish an aviation school at the facility to complement its functions.

The contractors of the Obudu Cargo Airport, represented by Josiah Samuel, expressed their readiness to deliver the project within the agreed-upon timeframe, urging the state government to provide the necessary support.

Samuel highlighted the airport’s impressive features, saying, “From what you can see, a lot has gone into this project. With adequate support from the government, within six months this airport, which is of international standard, will be operational.

“The runway is over three kilometres comparable to any other international airport passenger cargo in Nigeria”

He further emphasized, “With over five kilometers in total, including the skipping area, this airport rivals any international cargo/passenger airport.”

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Governor Otu’s commitment and the concerted efforts of the contractors provide optimism that the completion of the Obudu Cargo airport will contribute significantly to the development and prosperity of Cross River State.

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