Government To Begin Backlog Payment Of N-Power Beneficiaries

The Nigerian federal government is gearing up to initiate the payment of arrears to N-Power beneficiaries who participate in the program.

Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, the N-Power National Programme Manager, conveyed this information during a meeting with program beneficiaries at his office in Abuja.

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Dr. Egbuwalo clarified that the temporary suspension of the program was primarily aimed at addressing issues directly affecting beneficiaries, with a particular emphasis on delayed stipend payments. As a result of this suspension, and as part of a comprehensive restructuring and forensic audit, funds have been recovered from the existing payment service providers. The program has devised a plan to start disbursing the outstanding stipends for the past 9 months to beneficiaries starting in November 2023. These payments will be made in installments.

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Dr. Egbuwalo assured all beneficiaries of complete transparency and accountability in the process. He also announced that, in line with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s new agenda, the N-Power program will continue as the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP). It will be overseen by the Honourable Minister, Dr. Betta Edu, and expanded to target 5 million beneficiaries over five years, absorbing 1 million youths each year in both graduate and non-graduate streams.

One of the beneficiaries, Sani Garba from Yobe State, present at the meeting, expressed their primary concern about the delayed 9-month stipends. He mentioned that there had been plans for a national protest among various clusters of N-Power beneficiaries due to a lack of information. However, after Dr. Egbuwalo’s transparent explanation and assurances during the meeting, Sani Garba and the cluster of beneficiaries decided that there was no need for a protest.

The beneficiaries were encouraged to remain patient as they await their payments and expressed their satisfaction with the government’s commitment to a more effective program implementation, ensuring that no beneficiary is left behind in the Federal Government’s renewed hope agenda.

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