Former Ondo Governor Akeredolu’s Celebration of Life Begins Today

Ondo State mourns the passing of their former governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, and prepares for a series of events honoring his life and legacy.

Former Governor Akeredolu

The first public event, a “Winning Soul Crusade,” begins at 5 pm at the MKO Abiola Democracy Park in Akure, the state capital. A statement released by his former spokesperson highlights his dedication to the people of Ondo State during his tenure (2017-2023). It emphasizes his efforts in prioritizing public wellfare, delivering tangible improvements to people’s lives, fearlessly defending citizens against kidnappings and terroism and fostering positive change and collective well-being.

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The statement underscores the intent to preserve Akeredolu’s memory and continue his good work. He is remembered as a “guiding light and inspirational leader.”

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