Enugu Governor Threatens To Shut Down Schools, Markets Observing Sit-At-Home Order

In response to the sit-at-home order enforced by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the Enugu State Government has issued a stern warning, threatening to close schools and markets that comply with the order.

The government emphasized its prohibition of any form of illegal sit-at-home activities throughout the state, deeming it contrary to the cherished values of the Igbo people, including industry, hard work, creativity, and productivity.

Peter Mbah

The Secretary to the State Government, Chidiebere Onyia, released a statement on Tuesday addressing the matter. The statement expresses concern over private school proprietors who have relayed messages to their pupils and students, instructing them not to attend school due to the illegal one-week sit-at-home order imposed by unidentified non-state actors in the state.

The Enugu State Government finds this development alarming and it issues a stern warning that any school failing to resume normal operations immediately will face the revocation of its license. Furthermore, the government insists that all markets and shops must remain open to customers, or they will be indefinitely shut down.

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The statement assures the general public that adequate security measures have been implemented to safeguard lives and property. Additionally, the government warns that it will employ the full force of the law, including the Cybercrime Act 2015, to pursue and prosecute individuals and organizations that promote this illegal sit-at-home order.

The Enugu State Government urges the populace to carry on with their normal daily activities and not to be deterred by the sit-at-home directive, as the government is committed to upholding law and order in the state.

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