ECOWAS Can Send Me As Peace Offering To Burkina Faso’s Military Leader – Cossy Ojiakor

Nigerian actress and singer, Cossy Ojiakor has her sights on Burkina Faso’s military ruler, Ibrahim Traore, saying she can be used as a peace offering sent to him.

Cossy openly confessed her love for the Burkinabe leader, crushing on him with some seductive words

“I love this man, Ibrahim Traore. He is so cute, intelligent and brave. Incase Nigeria/ECOWAS want to send a peace offering to him, I am available. I present myself as a peace offering. Will he take me? Africa really has good looking, brave men, tall, dark and handsome, ” she said.

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“Nigeria, an oil producing nation does not have a refinery. Our Nigerian men are not that brave. Especially, all those politicians in Nigeria, most of them are just good in girls matter. They have coconut heads. I don’t want to mention names.

Recall that when the Chibok girls’ abduction by Boko Haram was still fresh, Cossy had offered herself as a sacrifice for their release.

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