DJ Chicken Unfazed by Accident, Vows to Buy New Car

Popular Nigerian DJ, DJ Chicken, remained optimistic after his Benz SUV suffered damage in a recent accident, confidently boasting about his ability to replace it.

DJ Chicken

Following the incident, DJ Chicken went live on social media, addressing the accident and assuring his audience that he would be purchasing a new car. In a widely-shared clip from the live stream, he declared, “This morning, I’ll buy another Benz. I have the money. If I wanted to, I could even buy three Benzes today. You’re all jealous of my success, but keep it up. If I don’t buy another car this morning, it’s only because I don’t feel like it. I’ll buy another Benz and even fix the wrecked one, even if it costs me at least N2 million.”

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He then referenced a past incident, stating, “Remember when I crashed my Camry and then immediately bought a brand new Benz? This next car will be even bigger. The wrecked car is fine, but I want to surprise you all with a new one, so you can see that those people who were gifted N20 million and bragged about it online… well, we are their fathers.”

DJ Chicken’s confident response and disregard for the accident have sparked online discussions, with many intrigued by his declaration of wealth and determination to replace the damaged vehicle.

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