AY Apologises To Basketmouth, Moves to Settle 17 years Beef

Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha, popularly known as Basketmouth, has decided to end the 17-year-long feud with his colleague AY Makun.

AY Apologize To Basketmouth, Moves to Settle 17 years Beef
AY and Basketmouth

In a recent Instagram video, Basketmouth extended an apology to AY, seeking forgiveness for any past actions or words that may have caused friction between them. He expressed a sincere desire for peace and harmony between them and also offered apologies to other industry colleagues he may have unintentionally offended over time.

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However, Basketmouth did not confirm or deny allegations made against him by others in the industry, stating that “God knows the truth” regarding those accusations. He acknowledged that some might perceive his video as a publicity stunt for his upcoming show but emphasized that his apology stemmed from genuine intentions to reconcile with his colleagues.

The feud between AY and Basketmouth originally began over unpaid fees for a gig where AY stood in for Basketmouth. AY had also accused Basketmouth of various instances of mistreatment, which Basketmouth had previously denied, stating that they were never close friends.

Additionally, comedian Destalker had revealed a falling out with Basketmouth due to a miscommunication about appearing on Basketmouth’s show. Destalker claimed that Basketmouth had ignored his attempts to reconcile, leading to strained relations in the industry.

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