ASMATA Seals Seven Markets Over Sit-at-home Obedience In Anambra

Anambra State Markets Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA) has sealed seven markets for their failure to open on Monday and their non-participation in the state government’s sanitation exercise.

The markets affected are Ogbo Afere market, Plastic 1, Plastic 2, Plywood Dealers Association market in Ogbunike, Building Materials in Ogbunike, Bicycle Parts market, and Bakery materials market.

During a visit to the markets, Chief Humphrey Anuna, the President General of ASMATA, expressed disappointment that the markets did not comply with the state government’s directive to open on Mondays. He emphasized that the directive aimed to restore the markets’ previous prosperity, which had been negatively impacted by the sit-at-home exercise.

Out of the 18 markets visited by the ASMATA team, seven were sealed due to their non-compliance with the directive. Anuna noted that some of the sealed markets merely opened their gates for appearance purposes, without the presence of market executives. He stressed the importance of conducting the sanitation exercise and emphasized that the market shops would be opened after the exercise.

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Chinedu Ezekweike, the Caretaker Committee Chairman of the Bridge Head Market in Onitsha, assured the ASMATA President General and his team that there would be a significant increase in the number of traders present in the coming week. He expressed satisfaction that the Monday sit-at-home was gradually fading away.

Chief Elysius Ozorkwere, Chairman of the New Auto Spare Parts Market in Nkpor, expressed gratitude to the governor for the initiative to open markets on Mondays and conduct sanitation exercises. Ozorkwere emphasized the financial losses incurred due to the weekly sit-at-home and affirmed the commitment of the traders to maintaining a clean environment.

Chief Charles Ikeli, Chairman of the Amalgamated Tyre Dealers Association, thanked the governor for addressing the challenges faced by the traders. He highlighted the negative impact of the sit-at-home on their businesses and the future of their children.

The ASMATA President General concluded the inspection by warning market leaders to ensure the opening of markets on Mondays. He pledged to continue the inspections in the following week.

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