Anambra Assembly Speaker Urges Legislation for Widows’ Protection

Somtochukwu Udeze, the Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly, has called for the enactment of stricter and more robust legislation to safeguard the rights of widows. In addition, he has urged traditional institutions across the country to provide the necessary protection and support to widows in their respective communities.

On the occasion of International Widow’s Day, Udeze conveyed his felicitations to widows in the state. He called upon traditional rulers in Anambra State to abolish all oppressive and archaic laws, as well as any other practices that target widows. He emphasized the importance of allowing widows to coexist harmoniously with other members of their communities. Udeze reiterated that the state legislature has already enacted laws to prohibit inhumane widowhood practices, and he sternly warned perpetrators to cease mistreating widows.

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“Widows should be allowed to co-exist with others without hindrances. I also appealed to affluent citizens to contribute to the upkeep and general well-being of widows in their midst by instituting various empowerment programmes for them to better their conditions,” Udeze added.

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