AFCON: Algerian Fan Deported from Ivory Coast after Derogatory Video

An Algerian supporter attending the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Ivory Coast has been deported and banned from the country for life following a video depicting the host nation in a negative light.

Sofia Benlemmane

Sofia Benlemmane, an Algerian fan, was arrested and deported after uploading a video to social media comparing Ivory Coast unfavorably to Algeria.The video used derogatory language towards Ivory Coast, describing it as “living in misery” and resembling the “prehistoric era.

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“They live in misery here. I recorded a video yesterday at the bus station, and it’s the worst, like the prehistoric era. If I had some powers, I would have brought Algerians here to witness this“What a difference with Algeria! Long live Algeria. I thank God for giving me a country like Algeria. Normally, Algeria is not supposed to be in Africa. It was supposed to be situated between Portugal and Spain,” ” she said in the video.

The Ivorian authorities took swift action, considering the video a display of xenophobia and a potential threat to tournament harmony.

Benlemmane’s arrest and deportation serve as a strong message against discriminatory behavior during the AFCON.

Chidalu Glory

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