“TikTok User” Reveals Motive Behind Defaming Eniola Badmus

Ego Okoye, the TikTok user who was apprehended for making defamatory statements against renowned actress Eniola Badmus, has come forward with an explanation for her actions.

According to Okoye, she engaged in defaming the actress because her friend, Fortune Ibe, offered her a sum of N200,000 for doing so.

In a video where she expressed remorse for her actions, Okoye admitted that her primary reason for defaming Eniola Badmus was her dire need to pay her house rent. She confessed that desperation had driven her to act in such an unscrupulous manner.

In her own words, Okoye stated

 “What happened was that a friend of mine, Fortune Ibe, said if I should come out and talk about Mrs Eniola Badmus, he was going to send me N200k because I told him about my rent.

“That was what prompted the video. I am so sorry; I just did that because I was desperate to pay my house rent. I just did it because of the money.”

However, despite Okoye’s apology, Eniola Badmus refused to settle the matter out of court, determined to pursue legal action for the damage caused to her hard-earned reputation.

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When questioned about any wrongdoing towards Okoye, Badmus responded briefly, denying any mistreatment and reiterating her intent to take the matter to court. She emphasized, “I never did anything to harm her reputation. She simply decided to tarnish my name. We will go through the proper legal channels. Remember, this is the same person who called me a professional pimp. I have never engaged in such activities. Her friend, where is she now? She must come forward as a witness.”

It remains to be seen how this legal battle will unfold, and one of the video clips in question displayed the insignia “Eniola Badmus TV.”

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