Resident Doctors Embark On Indefinite Strike

Late on Tuesday night, the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) made a significant announcement, declaring an indefinite strike that is set to commence today.

Dr. Emeka Orji, the President of NARD, disclosed this information to our correspondent, stating that the decision was reached during the July National Executive Council meeting held in Lagos.

The primary demands of the doctors include the implementation of the one-for-one replacement policy for healthcare workers, a halt to the downgrading of membership certificates issued by the West African Postgraduate Medical and Surgical Colleges by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, immediate payment of all outstanding salary arrears, the implementation of the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure, the introduction of a new hazard allowance, and the domestication of the Medical Residency Training Act, among other issues.

Dr. Orji emphasized the urgency of their demands, highlighting that they have been advocating for these changes since January. The lack of progress on critical matters, such as the one-for-one replacement policy, has resulted in doctors leaving their positions, leading to an excessive workload for those who remain. This dire situation has already had severe consequences, with a recent incident of a doctor’s death in Bayelsa State due to being overworked.

Despite previous intervention attempts by the Secretary to the Government, George Akume, communication with the authorities has now stalled, and the doctors no longer feel willing to entertain any further government intervention.

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In light of these pressing concerns, the doctors have decided to take this drastic measure of an indefinite strike, reflecting their determination to secure the necessary changes and improvements to the healthcare system.

Chidalu Glory

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