“My Husband Has Just 5 Kids With 2 Women” Annie Idibia Defends Husband, 2Face

Annie Idibia, the renowned Nollywood actress, implores people to refrain from criticizing her husband, 2Face, regarding his offsprings and relationships.

Tuface and Annie Idibia

The singer is often referred to as the ‘father of all nations’ due to his marital status of one wife, along with two former partners and a total of seven children.

During a recent episode of the reality show “Young, Rich and Famous,” Annie Idibia fervently appealed to those tarnishing her husband’s reputation, vehemently asserting that he has five children and two baby mamas.

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“I want to clarify that my husband, Innocent, has five kids with only two other women besides me: two kids with one woman and three kids with the other. It’s not as if he’s been having children everywhere, as the false narrative being spread suggests. Please refrain from criticizing 2Face for his mistakes,” she said, with her voice filled with conviction.

She emphasized that the children her husband has outside of their marriage are not considered errors, emphasizing that children are blessings.

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