Lai Mohammed Should Have Used US Flight Money To Build His Village 

Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the last election, Peter Obi on Monday night said Lai Mohammed’s going to Washington to announce that he committed treason is rascality of the highest order.

Lai Mohammed Rubbishes Call For His Arrest

Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, during a visit to Washington, United States recent accused Obi and his running mate of committing treason.

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Obi, in an interview on Arise TV on Monday night said “saying I committed treason by Lai Mohammed is the height of rascality and it was even announced in Washington, I committed a treasonable offence and I was in Onitsha and my minister went to announce it in Washington, when we talk about waste in governance here people don’t want to understand.

“The amount he spent travelling there can build a block of six classrooms in a primary school and I am sure if you go to his village, there are schools where children don’t even have desks. Instead of using that money to go and do it, he used that money to go to Washington to announce a treason of somebody who is in Onitsha.

“He doesn’t need to do that, it is rascality of the highest order, these are the reasons why we want a New Nigeria where things work as in other climes. From there he went to London announcing the same thing whereas I am in Nigeria. He should have come to see me or invite me and said this is the offence.”

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