Google Launches New Cybersecurity Hub in Japan

Tech giant Google has launched a new cybersecurity hub in Japan, aiming to bolster defenses against the growing cyber threats faced by the Asia-Pacific region.

The region, including countries like Japan, has been increasingly targeted by cyberattacks from various actors, including criminal groups and state-backed entities. These attacks range from large-scale fraud and ransomware to attempts at gaining intelligence and sabotage.

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The “Cybersecurity Center of Excellence” aims to connect leading security professionals, researchers, and partners to share knowledge and expertise. Conduct research on cybersecurity in collaboration with universities and governments. Help small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and social organizations improve their cyber defenses.

Google’s initiative reflects growing concerns about cyber threats in the region. Governments, including Japan, have been vocal about these challenges, often pointing towards China and related actors as potential sources of malicious cyber activity.

Chidalu Glory

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